Purging (This does not apply to anyone who can still see any friends only entries.)

I've purged my friends list a little bit.

If you find that you're one of the people who has been purged, you can go fuck yourself. 

If you feel that it was a mistake, it wasn't.


P.S. I wish you all most of you the best in life. I want you to heal and become a better person, because, let's face it, the world needs more good people.

P.P.S. Just because I wish you the best for yourself doesn't mean I have any desire to talk to you again. You had your chance.  So, go fuck yourself.  
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Okay, so I have a very messed up sleep schedule, but I figured you guys would probably have the best ideas.

I have a very messed up sleep schedule, and it's about to get worse. I work a night job full time (11:30pm-7:30am), and I go to school (for massage!) in the evenings, and I've been managing but having some trouble. NOW I have a chiropractor/nutritionist/esthetician that is letting me rent a room in her office starting at the beginning of the month! Yay! As soon as I'm making sufficient income at the chiropractor's office I plan to quit the night job, but until then I'm going to be buuusy.

I am wondering if anyone has any tips to either help me manage my sleep, or get better quality sleep? My mattress/pillows suck, but we can't afford new ones right now. Any good habits? Natural supplements? Would scheduling my sleep have a possibility of working?